Kite Party 13

March 14 and 15, Huntington Beach Pier, Map If You Need It

The Kite Party, not a festival, not a competition, it is a PARTY!
Kite flyers from all over, some manufacturer reps, kite flying, a minimum of demos, just kite flying!

Kite flying in the roped off areas (multiline and singline) is for the 100 REGISTERED flyers. Others can watch, and fly elsewhere on the beach.

There is traditionally a Pizza Party/Auction Saturday night but you will probably need to be there to get the details.

Kite Party Registration and Info here. Several spots still open as of 02/17/15.
Not sure if you are going, don’t register, signigicant other of a flyer – don’t register, registered but can’t go – unregister! Don’t take up spots for flyers who want to be there!


March General Meeting

, Saturday, 21 March, Tecolote Shore, Map If You Need It


Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp, Fly All Day
Yes, there will be Lunch, Small Donations Welcome
Theme: Birds Of A Feather. Fly a Bird Kite, or a kite with a bird on it, or bird line laundy, heck bring a bird. Fly your bird and get entered into a Participants Drawing for a Prize.

Note: The date was changed because many regular meeting attendees wil be at Kite Party on March 14.

Fan For Life Fest 2015

Saturday, April 18, Seaport Village, Map If You Need It

Fan For Life Fest is a fundraising event put on by the John Brockington Foundation. This event raises funds for people who are on a wait list for organ transplants and helps pay for food, housing, and emergency funds.

Our part? Help build Frustrationless Flyers and help keep them in the air. This is not really about us flying our kites but helping kids and families fly theirs. There is also an 8ft ROK for the kite sponsor that we try and keep in the air.

The event is from 4 – 7 pm in the grassy area at the end of Embarcadero Marina Park North, see the map link above but you know it. The winds have proven to be a challenge at this time of day the last two years.

Let President Dave know if you can help at:

More info about Fan For Life Here


Ocean Beach Kite Fest

Saturday, May 9, Dusty Rhodes Park, Map If You Need It

SDKC helps out the Kiwanis by supplying demo flyers, cool kites in the air, banners on the ground, helping out people who’s kites won’t fly. Our own AKA rep Glen Rothstein is the Master of Ceremonies.

Usually officially gets underway around 10 but parking is very limited so get there early! More details will come out as this date gets closer so watch this space! (Famous Last Words)

Note: This is also SDKC’s normal meeting day so there is a pretty good chance the General Meeting will be rescheduled. You guessed it – watch this space and your postcard.

Fighter Kite Challenge

This event finally got off the ground at the February General Meeting. Barely got of the ground, those Korean Fighters were challenging to fly! By the time we got to the Open Class the wind was fading fast.

If memory serves Roger C. swept both classes. Hopefully a full report and pictures will follow this brief report!

January General Meeting

Saturday, January 10, Tecolote ShoresMap If You Need It

Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp, Fly All Day

Lunch: Pizza, your donations welcome to help defray the Club’s costs.

Activity: Show off your new kites that Santa (or your equivalent) brought you.

Note!!: Signs say that Tecolote Shores will be closed until approx. 1000 for an event so sleep in a little this month.


February General Meeting

Saturday, February 14, Tecolote ShoresMap If You Need It

Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp, Fly All Day

Lunch: Provided by the Club, your donations welcome to help defray the Club’s costs.

Activity: The New Years Eve Day Fighter Kite Challenge was postponed due to morning rain (and only a few hardy participants who showed up). So Fighter Kites Challenge is now in February! See the post below for more details. (And don’t forget Valentines Day)