Indoor Kite Flying 2015

Friday, November 20, 7:30 – 9:30pm
 Alliant University Sports Center

10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego, Ca 92131
See the Electro Model Flyers Website Here for more information, calendar, and directions.

Last  Scheduled Day:  Novenber 20

This is the last chance this year to attend an indoor flying event at Alliant. If you haven’t been yet now is the time to check it out.

News of next years schedule and costs is expected soon.


December General Meeting

Saturday, Dec 12, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Fly All Day, Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp!

Lunch: Naturally, your small donation welcome

Activity:  Fly Kites, last chance to practive before the fighter Kite Challenge
Goofy Gift Exchange: Bring  a wrapped gift, bring  home a gift. Gifts should be in the $20 range and preferably be kite related. Stealing of gifts is not only allowed but encouraged. Rules will be explained at the start.

Annual Fighter Kite Challenge

Thursday, Dec 31, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

New Years Eve Day Fighter Kite Challenge:
As usual we expect to have two events/classes. First is a Fixed class and everyone flies the same style kite (most likely Bruce Lambert Fusion Fighter this year). Second is an Open class and each flier flies their own favorite kite. Fixed class kites are supplied by the Club and a small donation is expected from fliers to cover the cost of the kite. No cost for Open class, it is your kite.

Times have not been fixed yet but typically the morning is spent bridling and tuning the Fixed class kites and practice. Competiion starts early afternoon.

This is a great way for beginners to test their fighter kite skills. This is a fairly informal event and rarely is any blood shed. Or come on out and support the fliers, take a lesson or two, and generally get in the mood for tomorrow’s New Years Day Fly!

New Years Day Fly

Friday, 1 January 2016, Mariners Point, Mission Bay, Map If You Need It

Note the Location: Mariners Point, Mission Bay

Umpteenth Annual New Years Day Fly

Time: Some people arrive early to secure a spot and leave early. Some people arrive late and leave late. Some people arrive early and leave late. Be the person you want to be. However, the early arrivers may trash talk the late arrivers, just say’in.

Lunch: Potluck around 1230’ish. No assignments so far but just remember we can’t all bring dessert! We need fuel to fly all day.

Activity: Fly kites, enjoy each others company, and enjoy what will surely be San Diego Chamber Of Commerce weather. Sadly, the City and Parks Department prevents us from holding a raffle or having a music system, or at least our pockets aren’t deep enough for the permits. We still mange to have fun though so drag your self out of bed and away from the TV and have some kite flying fun!

And Thats Not All: Dave and Iris will be helping people make Bubble Wrap Kites, a skill they learned at the AKA Convention this year.

August General Meeting

Saturday, 8 August, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It.

Meeting: Noon’ish Sharp, Fly all day

Lunch: My postcard says yes!

Activity: Two Line Kite Tail Grab/Combat. Top 2 placers keep the kites!

T Shirts: At last report 25th Anniversary T-Shirts would be distributed at the Aug Meeting. If you haven’t paid up bring your monies.

Kite Making and Flying With Head Start

Saturday, June 6, Waterfront Park, 1030 – 1500, Map If You Need It

No official report received for the website but it was reported at the last meeting that this event was a great success with approx. 120 Frustrationless Flyers (that is all there were!) built and flown over the afternoon. There are some pictures on FaceBook I believe. Try here.

This event was supported by club members Dave and Iris Corning, Jim Robinson, and Dave Lambert.


Once again SDKC has been asked to help out at the Annual Head Start in the Park End of the Year Transition Training.

This is the usual help put kites together and kite flying help type of event.

Worthy Group, Worthy Cause, Kite Flying. What more could you ask for?

This event is before our next meeting so if you can help out let President Dave know at