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Some Upcoming Event Updates are listed below on this page.

After much too long of a delay a page in honor of Ron Despojado has been posted to our Tribute Section Here.
President Dave has suggested adding posts from anyone who would like to add personal comments. A couple of the previous Tributes have this so a precedent has be set. Send them to the WebApprentice@sandiegokiteclub.com and once I have a few I will add them to a second page. Include your name as you would like it to appear and I will just cut and paste from your email.

Although this would be easier if there was a comments section on the page I have done my best to eliminate comments from the website and in turn the attending spam. All comments have to be approved by me anyway before they go live so no spam gets through.

At last a report from the Brasington Kite Workshop Here

A link to Bob Anderson and other SDKC members efforts to lift a radio antenna with a kite Here.

Lolly post of the Reflex specs Here

Miss Kite Party this year? Check out Glenn Mitchell’s video in Kite Stories and Adventures Here.

Send your submission for events, Kite Stories ( generally not club events but more personal stories), or the Archives to:


Submissions can be as long or short as you want. A couple pictures and a paragraph of two is all it takes. We are especially interested in Kite Stores And Adventures. Do some kite flying on a trip, help a struggling family at the Bay, do a kite demonstration,  build you first kite? We want to hear about it.

April General Meeting

Saturday, April 9, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Fly All Day, Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp

Lunch: Naturally, you small donation welcome

Activity: Looking for Airplane Kites this month. A discussion about airplane kites or airplane themed kites was leaned toward airplane kites and not airplane themed kites but in the past judges have been pretty lenient. Your Mileage May Vary.

Some people (a lot dare I hope?)  will no doubt be leaving the meeting a bit early for the Fan For Life event. (see the next entry)

Fan For Life 2016

Sadly this event has officially been cancelled due to the expected bad weather. Next Year!


Saturday, 9 April, Embarcadero Marina Park North (Seaport Village)
4-7PM, Map If You Need It .

logo1Once again SDKC has been asked to take part in the Fan For Life event at Seaport Village. Funds raised by Fan For Life  provide food, housing, and emergency aid to 2500 San Diegans who wait on the list for an organ donation.

This event is not about us flying and showing off our kites. Instead the focus is on helping kids and families decorate, build, and fly Frustrationless Flyers. And of course, helping keep them in the air and general kite wrangling. We also try to keep the kite building sponsors kite in the air (UCSD Health Services, an 8′ ROK) ,

This is Kite Club day so if you do both events if will be a long but rewarding day. The more volunteers we can get the easier it is for all.

If you can help out let Dave know at president@sandiegokiteclub.com

Pictures from previous years can be found here and here
Fan For Life Website is here

Up In The Air 2016

Saturday, April 16, 11am – 4pm, Mission Viejo
Norman P. Murray Community Center
24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Map If You Need Itupintheair_header

Once again SDKC has been asked to take part in the Up In The Air event. This event is about anything that can be found in the air. Although we are only one small part of the event we are there to fly and show off our kites. We share the field with the RC club and we take turns flying throughout the day. This is not an ideal place to fly kites and winds have proven to be light and variable so bring some light wind stuff. If it was easy they could get anyone to do it!

This another great opportunity for you to help spread the word about kites in general and SDKC in particular. If can help out let Dave know at: president@sandiegokiteclub.com

Pictures from a previous event can be found here.
Up In The Air Website can be found here.

Indoor Kite Flying 2016

Friday, 29 April, Alliant University, 7:30pm, Map If You Need It
next date may 27)

There will be 10 flying sessions this year. From the Association of Indoor Modelers website:

The 2016 indoor flying sessions will be starting soon and it’s time to pay the bills.  The suggested donation is $100.  Last year some opted to pay only $10/night and you can still do that if you need.  Please consider paying the entire amount so we can afford to keep flying at this wonderful facility.

Much more info at their website: EMF.club

Remember if costs the same to rent the facility whether 10 or 50 show up on any given night so if you can pay upfront please do so.

If you haven’t been to an indoor fly yet come on by and join the regulars. We will be happy to see you and will find something for you to fly.

May General Meeting

Saturday, May 7, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Note The Date Change!! First Saturday of the Month due
to the conflict with the OB KiteFest Note The Date Change!!

Fly All Day, Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp

Lunch: Certainly, your small donation welcome

Activity: At the May meeting we normally have a Memorial Fly for members who have passed. This hear we have a number of Memorial Kites from the Brasington Workshop to fly.

Ocean Beach Kite Festival 2016

Saturday, May 14, Dusty Rhodes Park, 1000 – 1600 , Map If You Need It

Turns out this is on kite club day again this year, standby for alternate plans for the meeting

This the 68th edition (I think) of the OB Kite Festival and is billed as the oldest continuous kids festival in the nation. SDKC and the Kiwanis have been working together again for the last couple of years after a lay off of several years.

Come on out and show off your stuff, do some kite wrangling for the ‘civilians’ and help support kiting in San Diego in general.

Recommend you get there early, parking is tight!

Event reports from recent years:
OB Fest 2015
OB Fest 2014

Visually Impaired Kids Fly

Friday, May 20,  0930 – 1100, Map If You Need It
South Clairemont Rec Field
3600 Clairemont Drive, 92117

This is a short event in support of the San Diego School Districts Visually Impaired Field Day. We are just a small (but important) part of the scheduled events. This event starts early (historically not much wind) and is over by lunch (still not much wind usually). Bring some light wind stuff and stuff you don’t mind kids messing about with.

We usually do lunch afterward.

Yet another event for you to get out and support kiting in general and SDKC in particular. There are a few people who support this event each year but new faces are always welcome, especially you lucky retired kite flyers!

As always President Dave is the point of contact so let him know if you can help at this event at: president@sandiegokiteclub.com

Head Start Annual Picnic

Saturday, May 21, Mission Bay Park-Playa II, Map If You Need It
1000 – 1500

For the past couple of years SDKC has helped at the Head Start Annual Picnic. Just the usual, help make, decorate, and fly Frustrationless Flyers.

This has been a couple of busy months for SDKC and hopefully you can come out and support a few of these events (anyone who can do it all?).

As always Predident Dave is the point of contact so let him know if you can help at:president@sandiegokiteclub.com

Kite Party 14

March 12 and 13, Huntington Beach Pier

Must be a registered flier to fly in the official Kite Party designated space. Limited to 100 fliers. Still 20 or so spots left as of 26 Jan.

An unlimited number of people are allowed to ‘hang out’ and talk kites so come on out anyway if you aren’t registered.

This year Kite Party is dedicated to Ron Despojado.

More info here