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Upcoming Event Info located on this homepage with links to pages with more detailed info if needed. So be sure to scroll down aways.

–September Meeting Report and Pictures and info about Rev’s new Club 38 HERE

–Besides the usual monthly events we have THREE extra events in October, check down below for more info.

–After a long standing stint as Membership Chairs Barbara and Walt Thompson are stepping down. Diane Spurgeon was elected new Membership Chair at the September Meeting with Rick filling in for her at most meetings. She does the work, he gets the glory. Not unlike Barbara and Walt!
(Contact page will be updated soon, running out of time tonight)

Send your submission for events, Kite Stories ( generally not club events but more personal stories), or the Archives to:


Submissions can be as long or short as you want. A couple pictures and a paragraph of two is all it takes. We are especially interested in Kite Stores And Adventures. Do some kite flying on a trip, help a struggling family at the Bay, do a kite demonstration,  build you first kite? We want to hear about it.

Indoor Kite Flying 2016

Friday, Sep 30, Alliant University, 7:30pm, Map If You Need It
(next date Oct 28)

There will be 10 flying sessions this year. From the Association of Indoor Modelers website:

The 2016 indoor flying sessions will be starting soon and it’s time to pay the bills.  The suggested donation is $100.  Last year some opted to pay only $10/night and you can still do that if you need.  Please consider paying the entire amount so we can afford to keep flying at this wonderful facility.

Much more info at their website: EMF.club

Remember if costs the same to rent the facility whether 10 or 50 show up on any given night so if you can pay upfront please do so.

If you haven’t been to an indoor fly yet come on by and join the regulars. We will be happy to see you and will find something for you to fly.

Ride For Children Event

Saturday, Octorber 1st, Qualcomm Stadium
8:30 am – 4:00pm

SDKC has been asked to man a booth at the ‘Inaugural Ride for Children’ event at Qualcomm Stadium. This event will benefit Rady Chldren’s Hospital. We will be putting kites on display, answering question, talking kiting and flying if the the site and winds allow. Kite building is not planned. More Details about the event can be found at this link.

If you can help out for all or part of the day let President Dave know at:

Cheung Yeung Festival

Sunday, October 9, Greenwood Cemetary, Map If You Need It

Time is still up in the air but event will be approx 4 hrs  most likely in the late morning/early afternoon.

The Greenwood Cemetary is hosting it 1st Cheung Yeung celebration (also known as Double Nine – the Google is your friend here). Kite Flying is part of the tradition of the Cheung Yeung Celebration. They are just looking for people to come out and fly kites. There aren’t any kite building plans at this point but most likely there would be some kite wrangling involved.

We are of coarse looking for volunteers to fly at this event. A significant donation to the SDKC treasury is involved. Besides, how often do you get an invitiation to fly you kite in a cemetary!

If you can help let Dave know as always at: president@sandiegokiteclub.com

ps: in case you, like me, you were wondering why the Double Nine Celebration (9/9) is on Oct 9 (10/9) the Chinese Lunar Calendar is a bit different that what we are used to.

Up Up and Away Kite Festival

Sunday, October 16th, Seal Beach Pier, Map If You Need It
From Glen Rothstein – AKA Region 12 Director –

Who: You, of course

What: The 20th Annual Up Up and Away Kite Festival

Where: On the sand, West of the Seal Beach Pier, Main & Ocean Ave.

When: Sunday, October 16th, 2016 – 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Why: To enrich and enjoy

Besides providing the “5 W’s”, this is also a call for volunteers and other means of support so that we may continue this great event and “wow the crowd” even more. If you would like to assist or support in any way, please contact me, or, Up Up and Away Kites via the below information.

Hope to see all of you there!

Best Wishes and Winds,


This is just the short version of what Glen sent, to see the whole text and contact info see this link.

If you are going and can help Glen out the club would like to know also just to get an idea what is happening. As usual contact President Dave at: president@sandiegokiteclub.com

September General Meeting

Saturday, September 10, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Well if you weren’t there then you missed it. We got off to a rough start because there was an un-advertised event just North of our normal meeting site. Although parking wasn’t officially closed there was none to be had. So, we punted and moved to our backup site – Mariners Point. Almost struck out there too, the sand point was fenced off for an event but there was plenty of room on the grass. If you didn’t get there reasonalby early parking was still a challenge but not as bad as Tecolote Shores.

We got in the Annual Rev Shootout and several people got started in Revolution’s new Club 38!

Moral of the story, if you come to a meeting and no one is there try Mariners Point as that is our primary backup. Also check your email because we try to send out late updates to website subscribers and maybe by test message.

PIctures and some words about the meeting here.


July General Meeting

Saturday, July 9. Mariners Point, Map If You Need It
Note The Location Change!
This is the first weekend of the Over The Line Competition on Fiesta Island. We traditionally move to Mariners Point to ease the parking issues and avoid the inebriated. 

  • Lunch: Sure, Pot Luck!
    A – G Main Dish
    H – O Side Dish
    P – Z  Dessert

Activity: Traditionally we celebrate SDKC’s anniversary. How? By flying kites of coarse!
Election of Treasurer and Vice President

August General Meeting

Saturday, August 13. Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Fly All Day, Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp!

Lunch: almost certainly. When is the last time we didn’t

Activity: Dog Kites! Fly a kite that is a dog, fly a kite that has a dog on it, whatever you want more or less. Creativity is often rewarded. Winner is by popular vote. The only thing officially eliminated is a kite that flies like a dog! Your kite must fly for 10 minutes minimum says President Dave.