Ron Despojado


Ron Despojado: A Pretty Good Quadline Flyer

Ron Despojado:
A Pretty Good Quadline Flyer

Ron Despojado passed away unexpectedly of natural causes at his home. Ron was a founding member of San Diego Kite Club and remained a quiding force of the club for 25 years. Ron was known around the world as ‘A Pretty Good Quadline Flyer’.

Thursday, April 16

Memorial Services For Ron will be held April 16 at Glen Abbey Mortuary and Memorial Park from 11am until 1pm. From 1pm until 5pm a potluck lunch and Kite fly be held at Glen Abbey. We will be flying Ron’s kites.

Attire: Black Shorts and White Tee Shirts or Hawaiian Shirts are encouraged!! (What Else?)

Glen Abbey Mortuary and Memorial Park
3838 Bonita Road
Bonita, Ca 91902

Map If You Need It For Glen Abbey


Saturday, May 16

At the San Diego Kite Club’s May Meeting we traditionally have a Memorial Fly in honor of all members who have passed. Obviously, Ron will at the top of our thoughts this year. Revolution Kites will be hosting lunch. We will be at Mariners Point which we hope will make parking easier for a potentially larger than normal gathering and give a somewhat larger flying area.

Map If You Need It For Mariners Point

Any and all, from near or far, who can attend either event are highly encouraged to attend.

What’s New Here?!


Some Upcoming Event Updates are listed below on this page.

A short report and lots of photos from the Ocean Beach Kite Festival. See Previous Events in the Nav Bar above.

A short report and some photos from the FanForLife Event. Yes, see Previous Events in the Nav Bar above.

Did you miss Prez Dave on TV? Click Here!

Don’t forget the events coming this weekend (May 15/16). Info below.

A new section was added to the Archives: Close to 50 past issues of the old Skylines Newsletter are now posted in The Archives with a few more recently received early ones still to be posted. The Archives.

Indoor Kite Flying 2015

Friday, May 8, 7:30 – 9:30pm
 Alliant University Sports Center
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego, Ca 92131
Google Map   :   Campus Map

The indoor flying with the Electric R/C club is on again this year. We will be flying once a month, more or less, thru November. Usually but not always the fourth Friday. Next Indoor Fly is June 26. 

So far we have a small regular group of flyers from our club and a few occassional flyers. If you are at all interested in indoor flying come on out and see what is going on. None of us are that great yet so you won’t look foolish, there is plenty of room, and we will loan kites if necessary.

The R/C flyers are forming a new club specifically for indoor flying and are asking us to join them. Ideally they would like us to make a pledge and pay up front for the season and we would essentially be members of the new club also. They have already raised the money for this season (which needed to be payed up front) and any futher money collected now from us or their members will be used to help fund next year.

This is a bit different than last year and things are still in flux. I suspect they will take money from occassional flyers on a weekly basis as before but details are still being worked out.

Ocean Beach Kite Fest

Saturday, May 9, Dusty Rhodes Park, Map If You Need It

SDKC helps out the Kiwanis by supplying demo flyers, cool kites in the air, banners on the ground, helping out people who’s kites won’t fly. Our own AKA rep Glen Rothstein is the Master of Ceremonies.

Usually officially gets underway around 10 but parking is very limited so get there early! More details will come out as this date gets closer so watch this space! (Famous Last Words)

Note: This is also SDKC’s normal meeting day so there is a pretty good chance the General Meeting will be rescheduled. You guessed it – watch this space and your postcard.

May General Meeting

Saturday, May 16, Mariners PointMap If You Need It

Note: This is the third Saturday due to the conflict with the OB Kite Fest!!
Note2: The meeting has been moved to Mariners Point because we are expecting a larger than normal crowd and thought parking would be easier and hopefully we will have a bit more room for flying.

Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp, Fly All Day
Yes there will be Lunch, Small Donations Welcome

Theme: Memorial Fly.  We will have our traditional fly in honor of club members who have passsed.

April General Meeting

Saturday, April 11, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Meeting at Noon’ish Sharp, Fly All Day
Yes there will be Lunch, Small Donations Welcome
Theme: Insect Kites. Due to a disagreement between the mailer and the website we did Bird kites in March and we will do Insect Kites in April. Turns out Butterflies are insects but not spiders. If your bird kite chases an insect kite allowances will be made.

Fan For Life Fest 2015

Saturday, April 18, Seaport Village, Map If You Need It

Another Successful Year! See a short report and photos here


Fan For Life Fest is a fundraising event put on by the John Brockington Foundation. This event raises funds for people who are on a wait list for organ transplants and helps pay for food, housing, and emergency funds.

Our part? Help build Frustrationless Flyers and help keep them in the air. This is not really about us flying our kites but helping kids and families fly theirs. There is also an 8ft ROK for the kite sponsor that we try and keep in the air.

The event is from 4 – 7 pm in the grassy area at the end of Embarcadero Marina Park North, see the map link above but you know it. The winds have proven to be a challenge at this time of day the last two years.

Let President Dave know if you can help at:

More info about Fan For Life Here


New Digital AKA Maggazine is FREE!

As Posted to the Kap Discussion Group by Wind Watcher:
AKA Announces new digital magazine “Kites and Kiters” that is free to all!
Wind WatcherWind Watcher
1:00AM in General
The AKA announce a new AKA digital magazine titled “Kites and Kiters”. You can use the link to get immediate access. No AKA Membership or fee required (simply register with your e-mail address).

Look to see future KAP related articles and pictures in the new digital format.

This new publication is being published in addition to the print version of “Kiting”, and is FREE to download and share regardless of membership in the AKA.

The first edition of “Kites and Kiters” features in-depth coverage of the Dieppe International Kite Festival that was held in September 2014 along with the writings of several AKA members, who share their perspectives of the event.

You will also find a number of very interesting and soulful interviews from kite fliers, artists, builders and historians who were kind enough to share their stories. These interviews include stories from Robert Brasington, Michel Gressier, Kathy Goodwind, kite historians Paul Chapman and George Webster, along with many others.

This new digital “Kites and Kiters” magazine offers many benefits for readers:

Expanded content: We are not limited by the number of physical printed pages.
Portability: Take it anywhere, on your phone, laptop, tablet, as well as your desktop computer.
Easily shared: Instantly, with anyone via email, text, Facebook or any other social platform.

Take a look!

The Link:


Kite Party 13

March 14 and 15, Huntington Beach Pier, Map If You Need It

The Kite Party, not a festival, not a competition, it is a PARTY!
Kite flyers from all over, some manufacturer reps, kite flying, a minimum of demos, just kite flying!

Kite flying in the roped off areas (multiline and singline) is for the 100 REGISTERED flyers. Others can watch, and fly elsewhere on the beach.

There is traditionally a Pizza Party/Auction Saturday night but you will probably need to be there to get the details.

Kite Party Registration and Info here. Several spots still open as of 02/17/15.
Not sure if you are going, don’t register, signigicant other of a flyer – don’t register, registered but can’t go – unregister! Don’t take up spots for flyers who want to be there!