April General Meeting

Saturday, 12 April, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

General Meeting at the usual place. Fly all day, meeting at Noon’ish sharp.

Lunch provided, small donations accepted

Should have the new T-shirts if you ordered one or more. Bring your money if you haven’t already paid for yours.

Monthly Activity: Fly a Bird Kite, or a kite with a bird on it. All participants entered in a prize drawing!

Don’t forget the Fan For Life event is also today! Yes you can do both!!

Volunteers Needed for Fan For Life 2014

Saturday April 12, 4pm – 7pm, Embarcadero Marina Park North (Seaport Village)


fan_for_life_logoOnce again the Fan For Life Fest put on by the John Brockington Foundation are looking for volunteers from SDKC to help at their event. They are looking for club members to help kids and their families decorate, build, and fly kites. This is not really an event where we are expected to fly and show off (although there might be some opportunity for that) but our job is to help others get in air and to keep the sponsors large ROK in the air as much as possible.

The purpose of this organization is to help people who are on the wait list for an organ transplant. This event is a fundraiser for them.

Yes, this is the same day as the Club Meeting but this event is later in the day and you can do both! Let Dave know if you can attend at president@sandiegokiteclub.com

Fan For Life Website

The Report From Last Years Event

Indoor Kite Fly with SEFSD

Friday, April 25, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

This is third month we get to join the Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego at Alliant University for indoor flying. We have had a pretty good crowd at the two previous events and all proclaim they are having a great time. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity even if you only watch.

They invite us along as a way to defray their cost of renting the event site so there is a fee for each kite club flyer, $10 each last month.

SEFSD Website

Alliant University Website and their Campus Map (look for the Sports Center)

66th Annual OB Kite Festival

10 May 2014, Dusty Rhodes Park, Ocean Beach, Map If You Need It

10am to 4pm

Note this would normally be a kite club day but the May meeting is the 17th!!

Last year we were invited to be involved with this kite festival for the first time in many years. It was a pretty successful event, except for a lack of wind. We had some pretty good kite makers and kite flyers showing off their stuff and Glen Rothstein on the microphone.

This year we hope for more of the same but better. So come on out and support the OB Kite Festival,the Kiwanis Club, SDKC, and most important the kids and their families.

We are still waiting for more details but last year there was reserved parking for club members but you had to get there early. Latecomers had some parking challenges.

Event Page

Last Years Event Report


May General Meeting

Saturday, May 17, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Note the DATE CHANGE!! This is the THIRD Saturday due to the conflict with the Ocean Beach Kite Festival.

Monthly Activity: Traditionally we have a Memorial Fly for those members who have passed. If you have a kite that belonged to someone who is no longer with us this is a good month to air it out.

Visually Impaired Kids Fly

Friday May 23, 0930 – 1100, Clairemont Rec Center, Map If You Need It

Once again we have been asked to support the County Wide Field Day For Visually Impaired Students at the Clairemont Rec Center. Along with all the other planned activities they like us to come out so the kids can try kite flying.

Mostly this involves single line kites, and you probably don’t want to bring you most favorite kite to this event. Stuff happens. It is early in the morning so winds tend to be light and swirly. Cheap Wal-Mart type kites are pretty good for letting the kids go wild.

We typically go for lunch afterwards.

If you haven’t done this event before it is a favorite and is a chance to give back to the community and the kite club.

Hope to see you there!

Kite Party 12

March 8-9, 2014 at Huntington Beach Pier of course. Map If You Need It.

Note: This would normally be a meeting day for SDKC but since many members are headed to Kite Party the meeting has been moved to March 15!!!

Registration is limited to 100 flyers, as I believe it has been the last couple of years. You must be a registered flyer to fly inside the roped off areas. Just going to spectate? Then no registration is required of course. In fact if only spectating then don’t register so others can. In past years prior attendees got some preference, not sure about this year.

Registration has already begun. Registration looks pretty full but it still says open so you might still be able to sign up. See below for a link.

Not registered? You can still have a pretty good time. There are lots of exceptional flyers to watch and talk to. You can still fly, you just might have to move up or down the beach a bit to find some open space.

Keep an eye on:  Kite Party 12 to register and Gone With The Wind Forum wouldnt hurt either for the latest info. Note: the Kite Party website is a little confusing with references to KP11 and KP12 but registration info is for KP12.

March SDKC General Meeting

15 March, Tecolote Shores, Mission Bay Park, Map If You Need It

Note the date change!!! This is the third Saturday in March!!

Word is that there will be a St Patrick’s Day 10K run early on this day and there will be no access / no parking  at Tecolote Shores until approx 11am.

For March the General Meeting was moved to the third Saturday due to a conflict with Kite Party 12 which many members will be attending.

Monthly Theme: Every weekend in March has an event scheduled so Can You Do It All??

Up In The Air 2014

22 March, Norman P. Murray Community Center, Mission Viejo, Map If You Need It

This event is put on by the Mission Viejo Activities Committee and involves all things that can be Up In The Air. This includes kites of course, but also model airplanes, frisbee catching dogs, BMX bicycle riders, bubbles, etc.

SDKC has been invited to take part for the last couple years and we earn a small fee for the club treasury. Funds which are sorely needed this year since we lost out on the Polo Classic this year. So come on out and support them and your club.

Usually we share a field with the model airplanes and we take turns flying so this event isnt overly stressful and you have plenty of time to look around and talk kites with the crowd.

See Last Years Report Here

Mission Viejo Activity Committee Website

Indoor Kite Flying Opportunity

Friday March 28, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

The Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego (radio control aircraft) has access to an awesome site for indoor flying.  A few of us joined them at their last fly as an exploratory test and things went well and we have been invited back.

Details are not entirely set but expect a small fee per flyer. The SEFSD club pays for the rental of the event site and are looking to defray some of their cost. At the event we attended there were 3 clubs present and flying (SEFSD, the SD Scale Staffle flyers, and us) with plenty of room for all.

The next event is Mar 28 and is generally the fourth Friday of the month. The flying site is the gym at Alliant University which is off Pomerado Road near I15.

SEFSD website

Alliant University San Diego Website and their Campus Map (look for the Sports Center)