December General Meeting

Saturday, December 13, Tecolote Shores, Map If You Need It

Meeting at Noon’ish sharp, Fly All Day

Lunch: Of course there will be lunch

Activity: Annual Whacky ‘No Whining’ Gift Exchange. Bring a Gift, Get a Gift. You won’t necessarily go home with the gift you chose, stealing is involved. $20 limit. Exact rules explained before the fun(?) begins.

See below for other December events

December Indoor Fly

Hope you got a chance to fly indoors over the last couple of months because indoor flying with SEFSD at Alliant University is on hold for awhile. The gym is booked solid with basketball (of all things) for the next couple of months. SEFSD is also working on renewing their contract and we are still waiting to here if it will continue at all. We will keep you posted.

Anyone know of another place to fly?

Fighter Kite Challenge

New Years Eve Day (Dec 31), Tecolote Shores, Map If Need It

Event Time: Indeterminate, start mid morning for practice followed immediately by Fighting. Watch your postcard for more potential details.

Lunch: Not sure there either, watch for that postcard. This site will be updated when details are firmed up.

Event Format: Not sure there either. But usually we have two events.
Basic Class: Everyone flies the same type of fighter supplied by the Club (usually for a small fee). This year we will be flying a Korean Fighter.
Open Class: Fly your favorite fighter and take on everyone else’s favorite fighter.
Prizes: Expect prizes

Don’t sweat the details. Come on out and have fun with a little friendly kite fighting.

Looking To The Future

SDKC General Meeting, Dec 13, Tecolote Shores
Monthly Activity: SDKC Whacky Gift Exchange

Fighter Kite Challenge, Dec 31, Tecolote Shores

New Years Day Fly, 1 Jan 2015, Mariners Point

SDKC General Meeting, 10 Jan 2015, Mariners Point

September General Meeting

Saturday, September 13, Tecolote ShoresMap If You Need It.

The September meeting featured our annual Rev Shootout.
Ron Despojado won but not as easily as might be expected. There a lot of Rev flyers out there now and Don Fox in particular gave him a run for his money. Jim Robinson and John Mason won the participants prizes.

Rons' Rev Shootout Trophy (a coveted Dave Corning Paper Dragon) sits in good company.

Rons’ Rev Shootout Trophy (a coveted Dave Corning Paper Dragon) sits in good company.